Dorelle Laffal, Certified Personal Trainer


Dorelle Laffal helps clients create lifelong strength and well-being. She is a top physical trainer who understands the challenges that must be faced to successfully surmount difficult circumstances. At the age of 37, facing a breast cancer diagnosis, Dorelle turned to exercise to help make her mentally and physically tough enough to fight cancer.

“My own recovery – through exercise, healthy living and spirituality – brought me so much more than I could have imagined, ” says Dorelle.” I found new meaning in my life by helping many other women with breast cancer learn how to harness and expand their physical capacities and emotional resilience. I became an award-winning body builder, teaching others facing physical challenges how to build and sustain the strength needed to move forward to the goal. ”

Dorelle has been training for more than 20 years and competed in many fitness and body-building contests. She is the former owner and operator of the popular Full Circle Fitness Training Studio. Now, she trains out of The Body Shop in Silver Spring, continuing to help clients reach their maximum potential.